Saturday, 26 April 2008

Designing Interactions: Chapter 1 - The Mouse and the Desktop

Bill Moggridge

Moggridge, B. (2006) Designing Interactions, MIT Press, pp 17-72.

"Design is where all the action is!" Xerox PARC slogan

Chapter 1
Although this chapter is all about "the Mouse and the Desktop" there are still items of note that are transferable beyond these two items. The desktop after all is a graphical user interface. In this chapter Moggridge interviews pioneers behind both. With interviews from Doug Engelbart (inventor of the mouse), Stu Card (development of the mouse's form), Tim Mott (inventor of the desktop) and Larry Tesler(participatory design) I found the following points useful.

  • Card states that the "core skills of design are synthesis, understanding people, and iterative prototyping";
  • Mott discusses "guided fantasies" a new conceptual methodology to record how users would want to do the task before them. From understanding this the design process was simplified and more focused;
  • Tesler talks about "participatory design" and usability testing. Through "observing people and seeing what the problem was" from their perspective he could fix it quickly making the experience simpler.

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