Monday, 26 January 2009

The Big IDEO

Graeme Aymer

Aymer, G. (2002). The Big IDEO. Create Online. Issue 29, September. P48-51

“My definition was to find the equivalent of industrial design within the electronic and software world, rather than the physical world. I felt that if you looked at existing disciplines, industrial design and mechanical engineering were obvious partners in terms of being physical things. If you looked at what was happening in software, human factors were there, but on the testing side rather than the creative design side, and the computer science was present. So there seemed a gap in terms someone who was going to look out for the user from the point of view of what they would really enjoy, what would give them satisfaction and pleasure – in other words, the more subjective side of it. And that’s the side of it that I wanted to try and fill with interaction design.” (Bill Moggridge quoted pp49-50)

This quote by Bill Moggridge, quoted in Create magazine, expands upon his defining of 'interaction design' that he discussed in Designing Interactions: Introduction.

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